A Study on the Methods for Ensuring the Transparency of the Privacy Policies in Android Environment: Based on General Data Protection Regulation

Journal of the Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology, Volume 29, Issue 6, Pages 1477-1489, 2019. |

In this study, we analyzed the privacy policies of 50 Android applications that are on the top chart in EU members to present the methods for enhancing transparency based on GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Based on the guidelines in relation to transparency stipulated in WP29, this study extracted factors of transparency in order to ensure transparency of privacy data processing and carried out the verification procedures for each factor. The results revealed that the privacy policies provided in Google Play Store and applications need to be matched, the descriptions of the privacy policies need to be written in clear and plain language for readers to understand easily. and that it is necessary to provide information quickly and improve the descriptions of information which the data controller discloses. The research findings of this study could be used as a preliminary data for proactive responses to the EU’s GDPR by substantially complying with the transparency of GDPR. |

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