Source: AI: Decoded newsletter by POLITICO

AI roadmap: The European Parliament’s special committee on artificial intelligence lays out the European Parliament’s roadmap for where it wants Europe to take artificial intelligence. Its author, Axel Voss, has given readers of AI: Decoded an exclusive look at the report. It will be debated in Parliament on November 9.

Highlights: Voss wants to ensure Europe’s AI rules become a global standard. He also wants more ​​development, research or investment in AI to happen in Europe, and to prevent brain-drain of European AI talent. “There is already this global competition and this is influencing prosperity and wealth. And we are not the ones who are leading this development. That’s why we have to understand that we should catch up because it’s very important for our future,” Voss said.

​Why you should be paying attention: The report will set the tone for how the European Parliament will tackle artificial intelligence going forward, and will reveal where MEPs stand in upcoming debates about the AI Act. Voss’s report places an emphasis on boosting Europe’s AI sector, as opposed to the stronger focus on AI risks from the political left. Voss is also a power player to keep an eye on. Depending on how the power struggle at the European Parliament goes, he will likely lead some elements of the negotiations on the AI Act.

Voss’s focus on the AI Act: Voss criticized the AI Act’s scope as being too broad. “We should concentrate more on these high-risk applications and have also kind of a clear definition and also the practical way forward for everything. So from my point of view, to have these more also solved in a practical way. And if we can create an environment where the training algorithms are more fun, this would be great,” Voss said.