ICO [UK] report “Emerging Neurotechnologies: Insight and foresight”

Neurotechnologies have continued to proliferate in the health and research sector over the past decade and may soon become part of our daily life. Our workplaces, home entertainment and wellbeing services may use neurotechnology to provide more personalised services in the years to come.

As the UK’s data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) aims to increase public trust in how organisations process personal information through responsible practice. We want to empower people to safely share their information and use innovative products and services that will drive our economy and our society. In our ICO25 strategy, we committed to set out our views on emerging technologies to reduce burdens on businesses, support innovation and prevent harms.

This report specifically considers gathering, analysing and using information that is directly produced by the brain and nervous system, referred to as neurodata. […]